Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My New Obsession

I have always loved making jewelry and actually got quite immersed in it a few years. I had different collections that I sold to friends and coworkers and at home parties. Eventually eating meals in the living room because the kitchen table was covered in crimping beads, wire and freshwater pearls, got unnerving. Getting beads stuck between my toes while walking across the kitchen floor got old as well, so I decided to go on hiatus from beading. I must admit that it was a little difficult to not be drawn to the jewelry making section at the craft store. And when the bead catalog arrived in the mailbox every few months, it took some willpower to "just say no." I really felt I had my addiction under control when I discovered something called "glass tiles". Now my kitchen table is covered decorative paper, vintage prints and Mod Podge. I'm just in the practicing stages right now, but one of my pendants is pictured above. I call it "Key To My Heart." My mind is now going crazy with ideas. Who has time for dishes, yardwork and washing the dog? I've got pendants to make! An added perk? No beads stuck between my toes!

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