Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brukner's the Best!!!

I just returned home from the Brukner Nature Center Arts and Crafts Show and it is by far the best one I've been to yet. It is a juried show, so after applying and sending pictures of your items, Brukner decides if they want you in the show . There were so many different and unique things there.
I LOVE meeting other crafters at craft shows! It's so fun to talk to other people who understand the addiction of crafting, whether it be beading, quilting, carving or glass making. People who don't think you're crazy for spending an hour looking at and flipping out over cool scrapbook paper!
I got a lot of ideas from different people today on pendant making, display set ups and even Etsy. Almost everyone I talked to had an Etsy site.
There was a never ending crowd at Brukner and we had a great spot. I'm going to try to get that same spot for next year. This is the best I've done, sales-wise, of any of the four shows I've been to.
It was a different crowd at Brukner, too. Where the other shows were mostly women out shopping while their husbands were home watching football, this show had a lot of couples and families. There were many older couples too. A lot of the shoppers, I think, were affiliated with Brukner in some way, whether it be as a teacher, member, or supporter. I really enjoyed it. It had more of an artisan exhibit feel as opposed to just a craft bazaar. And the fact that it was in a beautiful setting helped also.
Well, I think this is my last craft show for a few months. I will now concentrate on getting my Etsy shop to prosper a little better and start working on doing home shows.
My plan for home parties will include "Create you own pendant" as well pre-designed cash and carry items. I will have stations where guests can choose a pendant, cord or chain, and an optional charm to create their own style and reflect their personality. I have a home show in the works for sometime in January or early February. Can't wait!

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  1. Home shows sound awesome. I want to hear how those go. Love the pendant idea.