Saturday, August 28, 2010

Growing Up Is Hard To Do......At Least For Mom!

Yesterday we moved our oldest daughter into college.  Wasn't she just a toddler yesterday?  I can still remember what her three year-old voice sounded like singing her version of "Winnie-the Pooh".  And I can see her plain as day sitting on the couch holding her newborn little sister (with my help) , looking up with a huge smile on her little face exclaiming, "I think she likes me!!"  Wasn't it just last week that I untangled the fork from her curly hair because that's what the "Little Mermaid" said humans used "dinglehoffers" for?

Then came the first day of kindergarten.  I watched as my little girl bravely climbed onto the school bus with a purple Scooby-Doo backpack almost as big as she was.  I smiled and waved and then cried all the way back to the house.  You know... the good-byes at college weren't that much different.  Hugs, kisses, waves and smiles, then on go the sunglasses as I climb into the car and head for home....

Kenzie and her roommate

Wow, this has been a long twenty four hours!  I don't think I'm ready for this stage of my life yet!  But she is so happy and that makes it all worth it.  Isn't that what we raise them for?  That's what I keep asking myself.  She really likes her roommate. She has met  lots of people already and she's very excited to learn and experience everything this next stage of life has to offer!  Yes, I suppose that is we raised her for! many days until Thanksgiving break?


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your girl is beautiful! I bet you're very proud of her <3

    My little baby girl is only three months old, I could say this opened my eyes to enjoy every moment with her (even if I was tired as mothers of little babies tend to be) because some day she will be grown-up.

    I have a little bit of something for you in my blog, go check it out:

  2. Thank you, and your baby girl is absolutely adorable! Her dress is precious as well! Yes, hold onto every moment with her. It is absolutely true that you turn around one day and they are all grown up. Also, thank you for the cherry on top award. How sweet of you!!