Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Days Flying By

It seems like the summer has flown by and I can't say I've made very good use of the nice weather to get outside things done.  My husband planted his garden but that's HIS project, and my flower beds have seen better days, but....I have been creating lots of pendants and experimenting with some new ideas, as well! 

"Drink Frosty Root Beer"
I now have my own (drum roll, please) CRAFT ROOM!!  My hubby and I went to IKEA (love that place) and outfitted the "area" at the top of our stairs (too big to be a landing, too small to be a bedroom) with everything a good craft room needs.  Large work area, great lighting, mirrors (to make it seem bigger) and lots and lots of storage.  I LOVE IT!!
My sweet little girl is off to college...

I'm getting very serious now about craft shows.  I have a list I plan on attending and am sending the registration fees.  Some are juried, but so far I have been accepted to the ones I've applied for.  I'm finding out that a lot the shows require a vendor's license, so that is now on my "to-do" list!  These shows will keep me busy this fall and my mind occupied as my older daughter is leaving for college...in THREE weeks! (sniff-sniff).
Although the pendants have been selling VERY well, and I'm continuing to make a lot of them, I've been trying new things using vintage bottle caps and "altered" jewelry using vintage and "found" items such as skeleton keys and old lockets.  Below are a couple of examples of these things....

"Sweet Secrets"

"Nostalgia"  This photo was featured on Craftgawker.com


  1. Congrats on a huge milestone in both your life and your daughter's life! I told my sons that that transition was as major as starting kindergarten or getting married. Enjoy the journey!

    Your work is gorgeous and your blog is so very well done! Golly, I gotta spruce mine up!

    Love your blog; I'll be back!

    Hand Painted Petals

  2. Thanks Sheryl! I just started working on my blog again the other night. It's taking me awhile to get the hang of it!! Yes, this transition is MAJOR for me. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with it. Just staying busy and spending lots of time with my younger daughter, I guess! Thanks for visiting! I'll drop by your blog soon!

  3. Susan, I can relate, my dauther is getting married...so empty nest for me.
    Love you jewelry items and really nice blog.
    I haven't had time to devote just yet to a blog due to the wedding, but will someday.


  4. congrats on your new craft room and love, love your necklaces :)